“OMG, it looks just like him - even the expression in his eyes! It is beautiful.” - Sandra Crowley, WA


“Well let me clean up these tears...wow, it is perfect, John! Thank you!!” - Shannon Payne, CO


“You have really got a touch.  Gilman looked at me this afternoon with his head cocked exactly how you have it. So cute” - Carolyn Hawks, MO


“Absolutely gorgeous and you got her coloring exactly right... You are masterful.” - Ellen Karp, KS


“Thanks for dropping off the portrait. I so love it!  I showed everyone at work before I brought it home. You are so talented, and you did such an amazing job capturing our special bond”. - Lisa Rolf, KS


“Thank you so very much for sharing your gift of talent and love for dogs with us. It was the best gift I have ever given her, and I hope you know how much we appreciate your beautiful work.” - Rachel Baker, MO


“We both welled up with tears when we saw him...you really did capture his expression!  We will certainly treasure seeing him daily again.” - Tommy Newsom, TX


“Thank you so much. I hope you understand how much this painting means to me. I appreciate your talent and work beyond words.”   

- Analise Stedman


“This is great! That is our Clara. You do great work!”  - Barry Brakeville


“I am absolutely SO THRILLED with both paintings!!!  So gorgeous!!” - Carol Lenahan


“Amazing! We love it.”- Chace and Anne Brundige


“John, it perfectly captures her. Spot on.” - Darren Abbott


“Oh, my goodness. You nailed it! Took me a couple of minutes to let the tears subside.”  - Jan Haralson


“Thank you for capturing the essence of Maggie. My daughter has gone through a difficult time in the last few years and Maggie has been that happy face ready to give time and adulation to her owner the minute Maggie hears the car pull in to the drive. This will be a sweet comfort to my daughter.” - Jan Haralson


“You have a great gift.  I hope you take much pleasure in it.  You certainly have made many people happy.”

- Joy Williams


“Thank you so much. We absolutely love the image of Crash you did before. He passed away about a year and a half ago, and it is one of my favorite things of his that we have.”  - Todd Wagner

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