The Year of the Horse

As we begin 2018, I'm declaring it "The Year of the Horse" for my studio intention. Realizing that the Chinese Year of the Horse was 3 years ago, I am doing this now for my personal motivation and focus on exploring this wonderful subject matter in my work.

I began the year with this painting of a cowboy and his horse. I'm attracted to both the horse and the cowboy, but it is the relationship the two share I find most compelling.

My good friend, Dennis Goodwin, commissioned the portrait of his horse, Bo, shown here in the second image. I completed it as part of Jill Soukup's Painting Horses Workshop at Zapata Ranch in September. I learned so much from Jill and my fellow artists there and am eager to apply that as I explore everything horses this year.

Along with the intention to paint more horses, I also intend to write a brief blog more frequently. I just noticed that I didn't write a single one all last year. The good news is that I was happily painting almost every day in 2017!

So, look for more of me here and more horses and cowboys to come. Happy New Year!

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