Andy unveiled

Andy- final_edited.JPG
The portrait of Andy, beloved dog of Ellen Karp and Dick Estes, was unveiled last evening during a small dinner party at the home of his parents. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner of tapas and sangria.

Andy met guests at the front door, donning a special neck tie for the occasion. After he had greeted everyone and the portrait was presented, he seemed to go about his business of being a very good dog for the remainder of the evening.

Meanwhile, his recently painted portrait, in oil, gazed across the room from the mantle above the fireplace.

My thanks to both Ellen and Dick for the opportunity to paint Andy. The commission was truly a collaborative effort resulting in a portrait that eveyone is pleased with, including Andy himself (as noted by Ellen).

To anyone reading this, I invite you to think about commissioning a portrait of your favorite pet or as a gift for a favorite pet owner. While I work primarily in watercolor, Andy is proof that an oil portrait is possible as well. You can contact me here on the website using the form provided.


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