My blogging debut

Hi, with this post, I'm beginning a blog page that will become a regular part of my website at This photo was taken earlier this year in my home studio.

This past week, I received the brochures for my Custom Pet Portraits. I will begin placing them in vet clinics in the Kansas City area next week, beginning with my own vet, Dr. Mary Mountain, at the Plaza Animal Clinic, 5002 Main. I'm seeking contacts at other areas vets and am asking you if you'd be willing to introduce me to your vet so that I may ask them about placing brochures in their clinic. I am providing acrylic brochure holders that can either sit on a countertop or be hung on the wall.

I'm focusing this business on my watercolor portraits of dogs and cats. Customers frequently tell me that they love the expressiveness of the watercolor medium. I believe it offers a distinct choice between the black & white drawing and the more formal oil painting.

Have a great week!



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